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The Occupational Therapy Examination and Practice Preparation Program for Internationally Educated Occupational Therapists in Canada

Since 2008, OTepp has helped IEOTs from across Canada and around the world prepare for occupational therapy practice in Canada.  Participants may attend face-to-face at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, or online in real-time. 

Mailing address:

OTepp, School of Rehabilitation Science
IAHS, Room 403
McMaster University
1400 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON  L8S 1C7

Tel:  905-525-9140 ext. 21278
Fax: 905-524-0069
Email: nlidsto@mcmaster.ca
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Touchstone Institute has released their 360° View of Communicative Competence, a framework for intercultural communication in the workplace. 

OTepp was happy to have the opportunity to share in Touchstone Institute’s 360° Project Working Conference, as well as attend focus groups and webinars discussing communication competency in the workplace.

The resources on the website are an excellent source of information for both employers and IEOTs looking to enhance intercultural communication in the diverse workplace.